Season ends

by SLAC Admin, April 4, 2016

Unfortunately Shoalhaven Little Athletics were rained out for the last two weeks of the season.

In addition the Presentation Evening scheduled for Tuesday 29th March was also washed out. We apologise for the inconvenience…it seems the weather gods were against us!

Fingers crossed though that the rain stays away for this Tuesday, 5th April 2016 for our re-scheduled Presentation evening.

This will be held at the Shoalhaven High Grounds from 5.30pm. We ask all athletes to wear uniform for receiving awards and trophies.

Please bring a chair or picnic blanket to sit on & come celebrate the achievements of all our athletes throughout the season.

As we prepare for our Presentation evening it is important to remember what Little Athletics is all about!

The philosophy of Little Athletics is summed up in the slogan


One of the basic reasons for the continued development and enthusiasm generated by Little Athletics, has been the attempt to meet the needs of children as part of the family unit.

Little Athletics is more than a sport. It is a community-oriented organisation which enables the entire family to do something together.

Parents are involved in the program as voluntary helpers or officials. They share in many experiences with the children.

Little Athletics provides a vital communication bridge between parent and child. This link can have benefits far beyond the years spent in the centre. Society has, increasingly, produced subtle and damaging pressures on family and community relationships. The FAMILY CONCEPT approach to programming counteracts those pressures.

All children like fun…all children need fun. The weekly competition provides fun through participation in an enjoyable sport, with friends in the same age group.

The community has become increasingly aware of the value of physical fitness, particularly in the fight against obesity. A fit body can mean an alert mind and a decrease in the incidence of many physical ailments.

Combined with FAMILY involvement… FITNESS can be…FUN in the happy environment of a Little Athletics centre.

The Shoalhaven Little Athletics Committee would like to thank everyone for their involvement throughout the 2015-2016 season. We hope that families enjoyed being involved with their children’s sport and that the children had fun whilst improving their fitness.

This is the time to celebrate everyone’s achievements and personal bests. Even if your child does not receive a trophy we celebrate their efforts over the season and applaud them for jumping higher, throwing further, running faster or just ‘having a go’ and not giving up.

We want to encourage athletes to “BE THEIR BEST”.

We will of course also celebrate our high achievers. This year we had 31 athletes compete at the State Track & Field Championships and we congratulate them on their fantastic results at this highest level of Little Athletics competition. Below is a link to the State Championship published results.

State Results – by centre 2016

For parent information the trophies are based on two competition categories as detailed below.

The Point Score Competition operates throughout the regular season with points awarded:

  • One point per event completed
  • One point per improvement in an event
  • One point per record broken

I.e. In each point score event, an athlete may earn a minimum of zero points (for non completion of the events) to a maximum 3 points. The points are totalled at the end of the season and trophies are awarded to the three athletes, girl and boy, with the highest points tally in each age group. To be eligible for a Point Score Trophy, an Athlete must participate in a minimum of 50% of the Point Score nights from date of their registration until the commencement of the Age Championships.
The system is designed to reward an individual’s attendance, participation and athletic improvement over the season.

The Age Championships are held over a three week period.

To be eligible for an Age Championship Trophy: An athlete must participate in a minimum of 50% of the competition nights from time of registration until the completion of the age championships and must also compete in 50% of the events during the age championships.

Points are awarded per finishing place in each event, they are totalled, and trophies are awarded at the End of Season Presentation to the three athletes, girl and boy, with the highest points in each age group.
The system is designed to reward the best overall athlete.

Points are scored thus;

  • 1st=    20    points
  • 2nd=    19    points
  • 3rd    =    18    points
  • 4th etc=    17    points

A minimum of 1 point is scored for the successful completion of an event.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 5th April.