Presentation Day 2016

by SLAC Admin, April 10, 2016

Shoalhaven Little Athletics ended the season with their Presentation Day on Tuesday 5th April 2016.

Trophies and certificates were awarded to the first three placegetters in each age group for both Age Championships and Point score championships.

The Age Championships were held over a three week period in February.

To be eligible for an Age Championship Trophy an athlete must have participated in a minimum of 50% of the competition nights from time of registration until the completion of the age championships and must also have competed in 50% of the events during the age championships.

Points were awarded per finishing place in each event, and they were totalled with the highest points in each age group. This system is designed to reward the best overall athlete.

The award recipients were

6 GIRLS – 1st Chloe Musson, 2nd Leilani Farrell, 3rd Caitlyn Burney

7 GIRLS – 1st Jasmine Wheeler, 2nd Maddy Butler, 3rd Lucy Wellington

8 GIRLS – 1st Chelsea Simpson, 2nd Bethany Dobson, Zali Morris

9 GIRLS – 1st Charli Butler, 2nd Tahlia Stain, 3rd Tahlia Thomson

10 GIRLs – 1st Jayla Beresford, 2nd Emma Whitehouse, 3rd Dakota Farn

11 GIRLS -1st Kiera Davis, 2nd Akala Miller, 3rd Abbey Crapp

12 GIRLS – 1st Lara Check

13 GIRLS – 1st Emilia Matthews, 2nd Lily Wheeler, 3rd Zoe Chater

14 GIRLs – 1st Emily France, 2nd Leah Dobson, 3rd Emily Michell

15 GIRLS – 1st Sharlie Hind-Langwade, 2nd Ebony Johnson

17 GIRLS – 1st Clare Dobson, 2nd April Rodda, 3rd Sonja Rodda

6 BOYS – 1st Trae Yenne, 2nd William Anderson, 3rd Nicholas Alduck

7 BOYS – 1st Bow Mills, 2nd Will Farn, 3rd Deakin Saddler

8 BOYS – 1st Aiden Dhu, 2nd Edward Guest, 3rd Cordell Yenne

9 BOYS – 1st Bailey Gossage, 2nd Will Dewsbury-Love, 3rd Tyronne Murphy-Sebbens

10 BOYS – 1st Lachlan Musson, 2nd Ashton Morris, 3rd Kade Dhu

11 BOYS – 1st Ryan Smith, 2nd Alec Dobson, 3rd Hayden Musson

12 BOYS – 1st Ben Johnson, 2nd Riley Kay, 3rd Joshua Little

13 BOYS – 1st Max Buckham, 2nd Lachlan Smith, 3rd Mason Beresford

14 BOYS – 1st Corey McConville, 2nd Zack Hind-Langwade, 3rd Jack Scotcher

15 BOYs – 1st Hugh Dobson, 2nd Jesse Buckham, 3rd Dylan Jennings

17 BOYS – 1st Cameron Musgrove

Meanwhile the Point Score Competition operated throughout the regular season with points awarded; one point per event completed, one point per improvement in an event and one point per record broken. This system is designed to reward an individual’s attendance, participation and athletic improvement over the season.

The award recipients were:

Under 6 – 1st Chloe Musson, 2nd Evelyn Hill, equal 3rd Addison Beck & Elizabeth Davis

Under 7 – 1st Lucy Wellington, 2nd Maddy Butler, 3rd Kaitlyn Green

Under 8 – 1st Chelsea Simpson, 2nd Bethany Dobson, 3rd Elysha Davis

Under 9 – 1st Tahlia Stain, 2nd Charli Butler, 3rd Talea Miller

Under 10 – 1st Jayla Beresford, 2nd Dakota Farn, 3rd Nakita Boatswain

Under 11 – 1st Abbey Crapp, 2nd Akala Miller, 3rd Kiera Davis

Under 12 – 1st Lara Check, 2nd Molly Wellington, 3rd Sophie Fletcher, Jessica Trost

Under 13 – 1st Jade Robinson, 2nd Emilia Matthews, 3rd Lily Wheeler

Under 14 – 1st Emily France, 2nd Emily Gillen, 3rd Tara Mustapic

Under 15 – 1st Sharlie Hind-Langwade, Victoria Kennedy, 3rd Mikayla Check

Under 17 – 1st Sonja Rodda, 2nd April Rodda, 3rd Kimberly Atkins

BOYS 6 – 1st Tyson Tervoort, 2nd Trae Yenne, 3rd Saxon Crapp

BOYS 7 – 1st Deakin Saddler, Equal 2nd Jaxson Murphy-Sebbens, Riley Moore, and Bow Mills

BOYS 8 – 1st Cordell Yenne, 2nd Aiden Dhu, 3rd Edward Guest

BOYS 9 – 1st Bailey Gossage, 2nd Darcy Davis, 3rd Tyronne Murphy-Sebbens

BOYS 10 – 1st Lachlan Musson, 2nd Kade Dhu, 3rd Ty Schott

BOYS 11 – 1st Ryan Smith, 22nd Hayden Musson, 3rd Callum Johnson

BOYS 12 – 1st Hudson Boatswain, 2nd Ben Johnson, 3rd Joshua Little

BOYS 13 – 1st Alden Johnston, 2nd Lachlan Smith, 3rd Max Buckham

BOYS 14 – 1st Corey McConville, 2nd Zack Hind-Langwade, 3rd Jack Scotcher

BOYS 15 – 1st Dylan Jennings, 2nd Hugh Dobson, 3rd Lachlan Kaszonyi

BOYS 17 – 1st Cameron Musgrove

Congratulations to all our award winners but every Little Athlete who tried their best is deserving of our congratulations too!

The Club farewelled a number of athletes on the night with the oldest athletes reaching the maximum age of eligibility for little athletics. These athletes were presented with a gift to say goodbye and good luck in their future athletic endeavours. Good bye to April and Sonja Rodda, Clare Dobson, Samantha Peace, Cameron Musgrove and Emerson Brian.

Thank you to everyone for a great season.

We will re-commence the 2016-2017 season of little athletics in September 2016.