Policies and Procedures

Parent or Guardian Attendance

In case of injury to your child, or cancellation of evening’s competition due to weather or track conditions, we ask every family to have one adult representative at the field at all times.

Guardian attendance at the ground will be monitored each week. A child found unaccompanied at the ground will not be permitted to compete. When the parent/guardian for the child is located, they will be advised that the child in their care is no longer welcome at the centre until a responsible person can be present for the entirety of the child’s competition on the night. Those children consistently found without a guardian present will be asked not to attend.

Code of Conduct


1. Show respect to coaches and officials. Any approach to an official should be in a courteous manner. Never argue with an official.

2. Control your temper ‐ no “mouthing off’’, throwing equipment etc.

3. Never verbally abuse or sledge other athletes, deliberately distract or provoke another athlete.

4. Do not bully or harm another athlete.

5. Do not use bad language or obscene gestures at any time.

6. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all athletes and officials, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

7. Do not bring the sport of Little Athletics into disrepute.


1. Never ridicule or yell at an athlete for making a mistake during a competition.

2. Respect the officials’ decisions. If there is a disagreement, always follow the appropriate procedure/s

in order to question the decision.

3. Never use violence, threats or abuse in any form.

4. Keep to designated spectator areas and do not encroach on the arena or other competition sites if you are not officiating.

5. Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour, by not harassing athletes, coaches, officials or spectators,

smoking outside designated areas, being intoxicated or using bad language.

6. Ensure that any physical contact with a young person is appropriate to the situation and/or necessary for the athlete’s skill development.

7. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all athletes and officials, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

8. Do not bring the sport of Little Athletics into disrepute.


Disciplinary Action

Behaviour of the children at our centre is paramount to the committee. Every person, adult and child, comes to Little A’s to enjoy themselves. If a child is deemed to be behaving in an unsafe or unsportsmanlike manner, the team manager should be approached in the first instance. If the team manager is unable to resolve the situation, the team manager should report the problem to a committee member who will advise the child’s guardian of the problem. The guardian is responsible for correcting the child’s behaviour. Should the child continue to exhibit unwelcome behaviour, they will be excluded from further participation that night, and maybe excluded from further competition nights. After resuming activities, further misbehaviour can result in suspension for the rest of the season.

Extreme offences can result in instant expulsion on the night.


Running Spikes can be worn by athletes from under 11’s and older. They can only be used in “laned” track events (NOT pack starts) and can also be worn in Long/Triple/High Jump and Javelin. The spikes can only be put on at the event marshal and removed as soon as the event is over. Don’t walk away from your event wearing spikes. Spike length on the synthetic Long Jump run up is restricted to a maximum of 7mm.


Everyone is reminded that athletic equipment is expensive. Please treat it with care. The equipment is not to be used without Team Manager or Official supervision.

Point Score

The Point Score Competition operates throughout the regular season. It pauses for breaks over Christmas and the weeks of the Age Championships.

To be eligible for a Point Score Trophy, an Athlete must participate in a minimum of 50% of the Point Score nights from date of their registration until the commencement of the Age Championships. Points are scored:
  • One point per event completed
  • One point per improvement in an event
  • One point per record broken

I.e. In each point score event, an athlete may earn a minimum of zero points (for non completion of the events) to a maximum 3 points. The points are totalled at the end of the season and trophies are awarded to the three athletes, girl and boy, with the highest points tally in each age group.
The system is designed to reward an individual’s attendance, participation and athletic improvement over the season.

Age Championships

The Age Championships will be held over a two to three week period (depends on Age Group) during February.

To be eligible for an Age Championship Trophy: An athlete must participate in a minimum of 50% of the competition nights from time of registration until the completion of the age championships and must also compete in 50% of the events during the age championships.

Points are awarded per finishing place in each event, they are totalled, and trophies are awarded at the End of Season Presentation to the three athletes, girl and boy, with the highest points in each age group.
The system is designed to reward the best overall athlete.

Points are scored thus;

  • 1st=    20    points
  • 2nd=    19    points
  • 3rd    =    18    points
  • 4th etc=    17    points

A minimum of 1 point is scored for the successful completion of an event.


There are two sets of records maintained by our Centre.

Centre Records can be set or equalled during weekly Point Score or Age Championship competition. Results are reviewed after each night’s competition and any record will be rewarded with a certificate at the earliest opportunity.

Carnival Records can be set whilst representing the centre at carnivals. The performance must better the current Carnival and Centre Record. To have a Carnival Record recognised, athletes who believe they have set a record should notify our Team Manager or Records Officer and provide proof (Achievement Slip or Certificate) of their performance.

Current Centre Records and Carnival Records are listed on the Centre Records page.

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